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Does Pine Pollen Powder Cause Endocrine System Shut Down?

Does Pine Pollen Powder Cause Endocrine System Shut Down?

A lot of people ask about endocrine "shut down" and for good reason--people should think about how the things they consume influence their bodies. To better understand how Pine Pollen Powder affects the endocrine system, it is important to first understand how hormones are regulated in the body.

The majority of hormones (over 99% of them) operate in the body in what is called the negative feedback mechanism, meaning that when there are optimum levels of a certain hormone, the gland responsible for that hormone receives a signal that "shuts down" production on that hormone. When the levels dip, that gland is told to turn back on and production starts again. The negative feedback mechanism is usually described as a thermostat in the house: The temperature is set, and as long as it stays warm enough and above that set temperature, the furnace stays off. One the temperature dips below the set point, the furnace starts up until the desired temperature is reached.

If the glands are not being used for the production of hormones, they can begin to atrophy. Bio-identical (pharmaceutical) hormone replacement therapy, and the abuse of steroids for building muscle, will cause atrophy of the glands responsible for the production of the hormones that are being replaced. This is because the hormones are identical to the hormones that the body produces. With a constant flooding of identical hormones, the body does not produce any of its own, leading to atrophy.

Doesn't Pine Pollen Powder Contain Androgen Hormones?

The androgens in Pine Pollen Powder are similar enough to not cause any of the undesirable side effects of pharmaceutical hormones, and will not cause "shut down." However,  the hormones in Pine Pollen Powder are chemically similar enough to provide all the benefits of having elevated levels of hormones. Not sensing an abundance of its own hormones, the body keeps on producing hormones, while you benefit from the effects and nutritional content of the Pine Pollen Powder.

Abuse of Pine Pollen and Other Supplements

Abuse of any food or supplement beyond its intended use may have adverse side effects. We are not aware of any side effects associated with the  overuse of our product. Like all nutritional supplements and foods, the body likes change. We recommend taking a few days off of Pine Pollen Powder  every few weeks, just like we recommend taking a few days off of all vitamins and nutritional supplements, along with varying the diet daily.

Use of Pine Pollen Powder as a food or a supplement is considered safe for most. Use of Pine Pollen Powder should be reserved for those with a mature endocrine system (post puberty-18 years + of age) and those with low levels of testosterone.

Stephen Buhner, author of (among many other fantastic books), "Healing Lyme", "The Natural Testosterone Plan", and "Pine Pollen, Ancient Medicine for a New Millennium, in which he writes, "Pine pollen powder...can be used as a nutrient food or supplement by anyone with no restrictions other than for those with pine pollen allergy. Except in unusual circumstances due to medical conditions, pine pollen should not be used by adolescent men.