Hold Fast Iron

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

Hold Fast Iron is dedicated to sharpening the lives of others.  


A Case Of Miscalculation.

Setting out on a solo hike has the potential to go very wrong.  Not letting the right people know your trip details or failing to bring the right equipment can be a fatal miscalculation.  However, I am not most people and that's not how I am wired.  Jumping into the deep end with eyes closed has been my modus operandi since as long as I can remember.  That is exactly what happened one faithful day in 2010.


I found a great spot to lay my head, alongside a river bank.  The sounds of flowing water has a unique way of hypnotizing the soul.  Fading away into night, anxious about the upcoming hike, I close my eyes and fall fast asleep.

My phone alarm wakes me and I begin to take in the surroundings.  Feeling invigorated from the nights sleep I eagerly pack up and complete my morning refueling rituals, oatmeal and coffee.  Now that I am ready to roll out, I realize its darker than anticipated.  Something isn't right.  My phone reads 5:30am, intuition tells me that is wrong, I turn on my car.  To my amazement, the clocks read 1:00am.  Decision time.  Do I attempt the summit in the dark or bide my time for a few hours waiting for day break.

With all the 14ers I have done, none of them have been at night.  I didn't study the trail so I am unsure how the trail is marked.  Easy answer.  I strap on my headlamp and roll out.  My senses began to energize with limited visual cues, slowly becoming more in tune with the woods at night.  Balancing the well marked trail with the eerie aroma of the woods, trekking upward.

Reaching the summit as the sun was rising was nothing short of magical.  The sunrays stretching out over the mountain tops, illuminating the earth.  This case of miscalculation was a blessing is disguise.  Filed forever in my memory palace.