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Working Rest Days

There are a lot of different approaches out there when it comes to rest days.  I am not here to disapprove any of these training plans or cycles.  I am a huge proponent of tailoring workouts to the individuals which would include rest days.  After a lot of trial and error, here is what I have found that best suits me. 
My rest days are not planned out in advance.  There is never a three on one off plan.  My rest days are by feel.  For instance if I wake up in the morning and I am completely exhausted from the work of the days preceding, I will take a day off.  It may be once or twice a week to once a month. 

Prescription: Rest days are as needed.

The next question that arises is what type of rest days to take.  Again, this is not about disproving any belief or system.  As I stated above, rest days should be tailored to the individual.  Here is what I have found that works best with my training template. 
Before I take a full day off from training I ask myself if I want to do an active recovery workout.  By active I do not mean walking on the beach with my dogs, although that is a favorite pastime.  I mean getting in conditioning at low intensity on the skeleton system.  My favorite options are swimming, rowing, air dyne, yoga, and barbell warmups.  Swimming, rowing, yoga, and the air dyne are almost self explanatory, move the body and get the blood pumping.  As for the barbell warm-ups, I will mobilize and warm-up just as I would before getting into the weeds with a Olympic lifting training session but I stop as soon as I am warm.  I have found that this method also greatly improves upon technique. 

Prescription: Smart active rest days.

The last bit of information will be regarding rest and sleep.  Healthy, natural sleep will pay huge dividends regarding recovery.  Train hard and sleep hard.
Hold Fast brothers and sisters!