Hold Fast Iron

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

Hold Fast Iron is dedicated to sharpening the lives of others.  


[Editors Note: This was posted September 25, 2014]


As long as you have a safety net you act without commitment. You'll go back to your old habits once you meet a little resistance. You need the samurai's desperateness and his insanity. – Mark Twight

In our last post we broached the topic of assessing bad habits and facing yourself in the mirror. These habits often become part of our personal identity and thus are hard to break because they’re like losing a girlfriend you hate, but refuse to dump because you don’t want to be alone. This is especially true when your goal is to stop the habit of eating that morning donut or buying shit to impress people you don’t know or care about. Why should you care?  You must learn to break yourself down and rebuild if you are ever going to create a new, more fulfilling reality.  Refusing to buy into the lifestyle and eating that same salad every night are not accompanied by feelings that feed the ego like living in an oversized house or eating a Big Mac, but they feed the body and soul and lead to true freedom.  I would also argue that the high given by beating the stress out of yourself in the gym far exceeds either of those things, but I digress.

Further, being different can be difficult because most people are swamped in debt, content with the fact that they can’t climb a flight of stairs, and spend every waking minute trying to satisfy their desire for meaning by accumulating more and more worthless stuff. These people are deathly afraid of being shunned by others for not doing what is “normal”  and will attack your attempts to live an extraordinary life because they are afraid to admit that they too desire what only you have the balls to pursue.  Just smile when they talk, nod politely and move forward. There is no use arguing with others who are content letting others choose their fate.

The point is, in order to change your habits you are going to have to face both who you think you are, and who others think you should be. Though blaming others for your failures is much easier, you are likely to be your biggest enemy when it comes to defeating the old habits keeping you broke and out of shape. Though this may sound difficult, it can be done if you prepare and attack your habits aggressively. 

Here are a couple additional things to consider when pursuing a Hold Fast life.

Define your goals - Anyone that has achieved any significant progress in life knows that you must first define what it is that you want to achieve. If someone walks into a gym without a goal; i.e., weight loss, functional strength, etc., they will likely wonder aimlessly from machine to machine and fail.  However, If their desire is to build a human machine that will live and play far beyond when most depart, they will clearly see the steps necessary to achieve it.

Start Small - Radical change is doomed to fail, so focus on making small changes. Little changes over time tend to snowball into much larger accomplishments. Do more pushups. Buy less stuff. Cut up your credit card. Stop talking to people who only want to measure against you based on some American notion of success. Take whatever small step helps build your reality. Remember, no one ever climbed a mountain without taking on a few hills first. 

There are no get rich quick schemes in life. No magic pill to age 90. Only a day to day desire to rid ourselves of the habits bread into us from years and years of taking the easy path in life.  

Hold Fast.