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"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

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[Editors Note: This post was published October 14, 2014]

I don't have an on-season or off-season when training, I'm training for life. - Laird Hamilton

I thought I'd start our last post on unconventional training habits with this quote from Laird Hamilton, because I think it really gets at the purpose behind developing daily habits. Developing positive daily habits isn't about short term goals like weight loss, buying a car or setting personal records in the gym, they are about building a lasting foundation that will sustain you throughout your entire life. It is important to remember that life is a long, day-by-day struggle, so it is best to approach it that way. One day at a time. 

Focus...Work Hard...Hold Fast.

Below are five unconventional training habits that we feel are essential to staying on the path to a Hold Fast life. Of course the list is not all encompassing, but it does provide a foundation for which other habits can be built upon. 

1.     Start each day with a big glass of water with lemon juice and/or sea salt.  Our bodies create a ton of metabolic waste while we sleep, which is why it is so important to flush the system first thing upon waking.  Starting each day with fresh water helps the body to rehydrate and eliminate the accumulated waste left over from the previous day and is essential for optimal mental and physical performance. Adding sea salt and lemon also helps to replace vital enzymes and minerals that were lost throughout the night.

2.     Check your bank accounts and payoff a few dollars of debt (or save) daily.  When it comes to managing our money, technology has given us the incredible ability to manage our finances minute by minute instead of waiting days and weeks for numerous checks to clear.  Most banks offer a free bill pay service that further eases our ability to handle and tackle our debt.  A good practice is to check your accounts at the same time every day, determine how much you need to get to your next paycheck, and then send a couple dollars to one of your debts; that is, credit card, student loan, car loan, mortgage, etc.  Sending a few dollars each day is much easier to budget for than a lump sum once or twice a month.  Some days you don’t send anything, others you do. If done everyday sending a couple dollars to your debt will add up to a huge sum over time.  Facing debt, if you have it, can be a difficult task. Like all things it is best to take small steps daily.

3.     Move your body every day. Mobility is the fountain of youth and the key to avoiding chronic pain and injury.  Regardless of whether you workout or not, you should take 10 to 15 minutes each day and work all of your joints through their full range of motion. Combined with static stretching, mobility drills will keep you flexible and help to reduce stress.  If you need ideas on how to work your various body parts, search “mobility drills” in Youtube and plenty of free routines will pop up.

4.     Supplement your diet with high quality vitamins, minerals and greens. Due to the heavily processed nature of our food it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the vitamins, minerals and enzymes we need to facilitate the millions of cellular and hormonal reactions that take place in our bodies.  Of course, this habit should only be added to your routine after cleaning up your diet. There is no sense in adding supplements to a diet based on processed carbohydrates, soda, beer and dairy.  Focus first on eating lean protein, vegetables and getting plenty of clean water.  Then, once you have that covered you can start adding nutrient-dense greens like spirulina and chlorella or a multi-mineral like ViruTech to ensure you are getting optimal amounts of the essential micro-nutrients.

5.     Finish your day with prayer or gratitude. Take time at the end of each day to thank God or simply express gratitude for making it through another day.  No matter how bad you think your life is the fact is that you won the lottery of life by being born in the United States, which should be reason enough to celebrate. Millions of people would love to wake up every morning to food on demand and the freedom to do and say as they please. Every day above ground should be celebrated, even if the air in your lungs is all you have.  The evening is a great time for this practice, as it is usually quiet and dark with no distractions. Spending time praying or giving thanks helps to put things into perspective and also helps to get the mind in a positive state so that it will relax and get to sleep more quickly.   

Unconventional Training requires you to think and live differently. So don't be afraid to be different.

Hold Fast!