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The Rawbrahs: 10 Most Important Things in a Man's Life

Written By: Michael DiCroce and the RawBrahs

Recently, while away from my family on a work trip, I started reflecting on the areas of my life that deserved the most attention.  I know being away for a week isn’t long, but being separated from my family for any amount of time can really twist me up inside.  I told myself that I needed to battle through it because somewhere out there is a kid whose father is going to be away for months in a foreign country fighting for our freedom, and that I should not complain about being in Manhattan Beach for a week with my feet in the sand and the California breeze to keep me company.

As I sat on the beach contemplating what it means to be a man and the things that are supposed to fill me with joy and purpose, it became clear that manhood in America has devolved down a much less noble path and was worth addressing in a post.  Not only are marriage, fatherhood and monogamy frowned upon by a large portion of our testosterone driven population of 20 and 30 year olds; marriages and families are crumbling at faster rates than ever before.  To us, this can be directly correlated to the marketing messages we are fed every day by the media that lead us to believe that the ultimate focus of a man’s life should be his career, his education, his ability to be a gluttonous-sloppy drunk, greed, and the accumulation of as many possessions as humanly possible.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone at Hold Fast the Iron drinks, enjoys nice things, and would not mind not having to worry about money. However, we think it is important to understand that the things we are told will bring us happiness and success often have their limitations and can carry serious risk of robbing us of the same happiness that we are told they will provide.  For example, alcohol can be a catalyst for making a great time legendary; however, when partying and the love of alcohol become the focus of every Friday and Saturday night, it can quickly ruin a marriage and rob us of our health.  The same principle applies to just about any vice.

All of that said, we reached out to the RawBrahs to get their opinion on the subject. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the RawBrahs; they are three wild-crazy brothers who preach the gospel of Jesus, health and life. They have a YouTube channel where they share their wisdom and insight; as well as host lifestyle retreats all over the world where they create space for emotional and social bungee jumping that explores the deepest depths of human connection, growth, and healing, while supplying the tools to help people turn their uncomfortable conversations into “fun-comfortable” and help people uncover their true purpose in life.

The following list was put together by the RawBrahs and is designed to highlight what we as men should focus on in life. Though the list discusses God and Prayer, the list can be useful to anyone, regardless of religious affiliation. The list represents a list of core beliefs, which we at Hold Fast the Iron tend to agree with. Regardless of whether or not you are a believer in God, there are universal principals within the list that can be applied to the lives of all men. We invite you to read the list and then ask yourself, “What is most important to me?” Answering that question can really help bring clarity to a man’s life and help him to find the best path to a life well lived.

Hold Fast!

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The 10 Most Important Things in a Man’s Life

1. God. God is the end all be all- the first and the last. Without a solid relationship with God as our foundation, we are nothing.

2. Prayer. Prayer is the faucet in which we communicate with God. Constant communication with God is essential to our well-being because He is our ultimate source of strength, protector, and provider. We can do all things in Christ who strengthens us. 

3. REALationships with other men. It is essential to have REAL honest friendships with other Christ-loving men who are eager to tell us the truth, help us grow, hold us accountable, and help strengthen us. These male relationships are important for fostering our faith, growth, and strength and help us to fully embody our masculinity.

4. Fitness and movement. We strongly believe that when we don’t use it, we lose it. Taking care of your temple and getting a good workout in a few days a week while also getting proper rest is just another way that we honor the living God who lives in us. Having a strong, agile body is not only important for our overall health and well-being, but glorifies our Creator as well.

5. Quality food. This goes hand in hand with the importance of fitness and movement.  Nourishing your body with high quality food and water lends itself to achieving optimal mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The food we eat becomes the building blocks of our bodies. It’s important to build your body with high quality raw materials so that it can function at its best! 

6. Reading the Bible. This ties back into God and prayer. Reading the Bible and spending time every day filling ourselves with the Truth through the Word of God is vital to every part of life. The Bible is our instruction manual for life and when we are living out our lives as God designed, we are aligning ourselves with our highest potential. Our power only comes from Him.

7.  Time out in nature. Spending time out in nature is also important to embodying our full masculinity. As men we were designed with the innate desire to roam, conquer, hunt, and explore our surroundings. We were created with a heart for adventure and spending as much time out in nature helps us connect to our roots.

8.  Giving and serving others.  Using our gifts, money, power, and strength for the good of others is another way that we honor God.  As we like to say, “giving is living.” It’s crucial that we do what we can for our fellow man.

9. Fighting for and providing for the women we love.  We’ve got this fire in our hearts for a battle to fight and beauty to fight for.  It’s important that we as men leverage our strength to provide for and protect the women and people we love.

10. Working toward our purpose and passion.  We as men find ourselves in life through fulfilling our God created roles as protectors and providers. We find our deepest sense of self through pursuing our careers, passions, and purpose.

Who are the RawBrahs?
The RawBrahs, Daniel, Timothy, and Nathanael Eisenman, are three adventure-loving, life-hacking brothers from Athens, Georgia who are on a mission to start a revolution of authentic, healthy, and fully alive humans. They host retreats around the world where they co-create space for people to form authentic relationships while teaching them how to release their fears in order to embrace their lives. 

Their goal is to re-ignite the human passion for life through a series of workshops that exercise the principle of “self acceptance through self expression” that teach people how to “lose their minds” in order to reconnect with their hearts. They co-create a space for emotional and social bungee jumping that explores the deepest depths of human connection, growth, and healing, while also exploring the importance of fitness, play, and total mind and body wellness in embracing the full capacity of one’s potential.

If you’re interested in learning more about the RawBrahs you can visit them here on their Facebook Page, check out their website at www.rawbrahs.com or visit their YouTube channel here.