Hold Fast Iron

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

Hold Fast Iron is dedicated to sharpening the lives of others.  


I watched the music video today for Five Finger Death Punch's "Wrong Side of Heaven" and was inspired to write this post. The video not only gave me chills, but reinforced the Hold Fast mission to help our nations service men and to encourage others to pursue the best in life. I myself did not serve, but have been mentored and inspired by some courageous service men to do everything possible to ensure that our nation's heroes and families are provided for. We hope that you will take a few minutes out of your day and think about what you can do, even if all you do is say a prayer for them.  The bulk of this post is my interpretation of the song, which in no way reflects the meaning intended by FFDP. Please keep that in mind as you read further. 

The song describes a man who dies and goes to heaven and is told by God that he is ashamed of him and is immediately sent to hell, where the Devil tells him more or less that he doesn't understand why he is there. The man, confused, then looks at God and the Devil and determines that he is to blame for being stuck in the gray area between heaven and hell. As a result he is now sentenced to this lonely place, where he'll suffer for eternity. 

This story stands out to me because many of us are stuck in this gray area between good and evil. We're strong enough to maintain some semblance of decency, yet too weak to overcome the temptations of life. This scenario plays out in each of our lives differently, but has powerful consequences none the less.  It doesn't have to be this way though.  Taking this mediocre path is a choice, not destiny. Each of us have a choice to either do the right thing and reap the rewards; or we can ignore the truth, choose the less honorable path, and suffer the consequences. 

Below are some of the choices we are all faced with in life. Take a moment to reflect on them and how you have responded to each. Remember though, that we are all destined to fail when facing life's challenges. The difference though, is that good men Hold Fast and fight to the end, while weak men give in and let the Devil destroy their efforts.  Which will you choose? 

- Will you choose to train hard, eat well and care for your body? Or, will you find excuses to train, over eat and silently suffer as your body withers away? 

- Will you choose to be jealous of others and the things they have? Or, will you fight the urge to compare yourself to others? Failure to do so can only breed hate. 

- Will you control the use of drugs and alcohol? Or, will you let them control your every thought and desire? 

- Will you choose a simple life and resist the desire to accumulate possessions and build a monument to yourself? Or, will you give in and waste your resources on things that will ultimately provide only temporary happiness? 

- Will you serve your nation and your community? Or, will you take from her and choose to ask only of what your nation and community can do for you? 

- Will you accept your flaws and be humbled by your imperfections? Or, will you get lost in your own perceived greatness and be consumed by vanity and how wonderful you think you are? 

- Will you honor your spouse and your commitment to them at all cost? Or, will you sacrifice your honor and give in to lust and temptation?

- Will you strengthen your brothers and speak the truth? Or, will you sit quietly by and hide behind political correctness and fear? 

- The next time you see a homeless person, will you dismiss them as a drunk? Or, will you see them as a person and offer them your food, clothing, money or friendship? 

This obviously isn't a complete list of life's obstacles, but it gives us a good place to start our reflection and journey toward a life well lived. Millions serve and thousands die for us to make these choices. Always remember that. Our nations needs good men; be one of them. 

Be humble...train hard...HOLD FAST!

As we mentioned above, please take a few minutes to view the video and share your comments below.  We pray that you will join us on our mission to build a better nation.