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Benefits of Double Kettlebell Training

Written By: Lisa Balash (The Kettlebell Bombshell)

Kettlebell training has become more and more  popular over the last few years. Many gyms even cater specifically to fitness enthusiasts who are using Kettlebells as a way of losing weight and getting into shape quickly.

Though the Kettlebell is becoming as recognizable as a dumbbell or barbell, there are still many people out there who are not using them correctly or to their full potential. For example, Kettlebell swings are a very popular exercise,  as are squats, lunges and rows,  but these are not Kettlebell specific. These exercises can  be performed with other equipment like dumbbells and barbells.  Kettlebells have specific exercises and the way to get results is by adding them into your training routine on days you do not weight train.

Using one Kettlebell recruits the stabilizers and core to balance the body. The angle of the body changes when you train unilaterally.

The following single Kettlebell exercises are great for sculpting the entire body and burning fat:

•One Arm Swings
•Alternating Swings
•Curvilinear High Pulls
•Push Press
•Turkish Get Up
•Figure 8's
•Goblet Squat
•Wood Chopper Lunge
•Clean and Jerk
•Racked Squat
•Racked Lunge

Double Kettlebell Training

When you using Double Kettlebells, you not only increase the calorie burn, you also change the angle of the body and you become more stabilized. There is a wider variety of exercises to be done with Double Kettlebells that also challenge the core and increase intensity. Some of these exercises listed can be done with one Kettlebell as well,  but some can not. Not only are some of these exercises more effective with two Kettlebells, they also have less risk of injury because you are centered and you are not rotating the body as much.

Exercises performed with Double Kettlebells that build strength and burn a lot of fat are:

•High Pulls
•Push Press
•SeeSaw Press
•Alternating Cleans
•Alternating Push Press
•Clean and Jerks
•Racked Squats
•Goblet Squat
•Racked Lunges
•Two Hands Anyhow
•Curvilinear High Pull
•Renegade Rows
•Suitcase Deadlifts
•Stiff Leg Deadlifts
•Kettlebell Burpe

The Kettlebell is a phenomenal training tool when it is used properly. If it is only used as a dumbbell, it is not going to be as effective nor will it give you the great results that you will get when you use it as it was intended.

Change up your training and transform your physique at the same time. Your body will thank you for it.

I teach all of these exercises on my Kettlebell Bombshell DVDs which can be found on my website, www.kettlebellbombshell.com

Lisa Balash has been a top Pilates and Kettlebell trainer in Las Vegas, NV since 2003. Lisa opened her studio Elite Physiques in 2008 and is currently training a variety of clients. Lisa still enjoys being an athlete herself and competes in Kettlebell Sport. She has released two instructional DVDs, Kettlebell Bombshell Vol. 1 and 2, which include 6 follow along workouts. These DVD’s have gotten rave reviews and were #26 on Amazon’s top 100 list. Lisa is also an ambassador for FitFluential and ReebokONE.